Shayla and Mark’s Saranac Lake Wedding

Shayla and Mark had a beautiful wedding at Shayla’s parents’ home in Saranac Lake, New York. Shayla and Mark had told us how special the property was to them, and we knew exactly what they meant when we saw it. A gorgeous setting in the Adirondacks, lights were strung throughout the surrounding woods and near the pond. Although it rained for the majority of the afternoon and evening, Shayla and Mark did not let it bother them at all – in fact, they embraced it, standing in the rain for portraits at dusk. They had a bouncy house set up for the kids attending the wedding, and while the kids had fun, I’m pretty sure the loudest laughs came from Shayla and Mark when they got in the bouncy house… I mean, why not jump in a bouncy house on your wedding day?! Congratulations, Shayla and Mark!

Venue: Private Home

Catering: Eat and Meet Grill and Larder

Cake: Cake Placid

Rentals (tent and bounce house): Taylor Rental

Hair and Makeup: Sassy Images Salon

Transportation: Polar Express

Accommodations: Ampersand Bay Resort

Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-001 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-002 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-003 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-004 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-005 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-006 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-007 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-008 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-009 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-010 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-011 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-012 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-013 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-014 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-015 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-016 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-017 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-018 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-019 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-020 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-021 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-022 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-023 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-024 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-025 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-026 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-027 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-028 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-029 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-030 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-031 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-032 Saranac Lake Wedding_Mark-Shyala-033