Lindsey and Tim first visited the Barrows House in Dorset, Vermont after deciding they needed to get out of Boston for a little getaway. They’ve returned several times since, and are getting married there in October! We had blast with them exploring the area for their engagement session. We started at the beautiful Seven Springs House in Dorset, where their ceremony will be held, and from there explored the Dorset Quarry, which is an icy winter wonderland this time of year. We ended at the Barrows House, where we warmed up by the fire. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding this fall! Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-001 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-002 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-003 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-004 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-005 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-006 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-007 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-008 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-009 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-010 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-011 Lindsey-Tim-Engagement-012

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