Laurén and Eric’s NYC Engagement Session

If you need a tour of New York City, I highly recommend getting in touch with Laurén and Eric. Jacob and I had a blast exploring the city with them! I always suggest having your engagement photos taken in a place that has meaning to you – think beyond what has the prettiest landscape and focus more on what places you have a connection with. Laurén and Eric are getting married this September at a place that is special to them, Okemo Mountain Resort, but they also wanted photos that represented their lives in New York City. New York City is where they both live and work, and it’s where their relationship grew into what it is now. We met them in the morning at Central Park – what is an New York City engagement session without Central Park? From there, we moved into Midtown, and then over towards West Village where we stopped at Amelie, their favorite wine bar. Laurén and Eric had several of their first dates here, and it was quite the coincidence that on the day of the engagement session they were closed for repairs. It ended up working out perfectly since they knew Laurén and Eric, they were happy to let us inside to take a few photos of them where they had the whole bar to themselves. Later that evening, we met them again at Brooklyn Bridge Park as the sun began to set. We ended the engagement session just before dusk with perfect views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline.

We love Vermont, it’s gorgeous, but we also love shooting in new places. Thank you Laurén and Eric for inviting us down to NYC! We can’t wait for your wedding!

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