Kristin and Pero’s Stowe Elopement

Kristin and Pero traveled all the way from Germany to elope in Stowe earlier this month. We were pretty nervous about the general lack of snow in Vermont, but when we arrived at Sterling Falls Gorge just north of Stowe, where the ceremony was held, it was a snow-covered winter wonderland. Kristin and Pero exchanged vows next to the gorge with their family in attendance, and afterwards we explored the area with Kristin and Pero for portraits. The evening ended with a dinner reception at Michael’s On The Hill in nearby Waterbury Center. By the way, Kristin is also a wedding photographer, check out her awesome work here:  Congratulations, Kristin and Pero!

Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-001 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-002 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-003 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-004 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-005 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-006 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-007 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-008 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-009 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-010 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-011 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-012 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-013 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-014 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-015 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-016 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-017 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-018 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-019 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-020 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-021 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-022 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-023 Sterling_Falls_Gorge_Elopement-024