Ashley and Tyson’s Lilac Inn Wedding

Ashley and Tyson’s wedding at the Lilac Inn in Brandon was classic and gorgeous. Their ceremony was held on a hilltop on a family friend’s property just a short drive away from the inn. One of the groomsmen had a vintage VW bus that was the perfect transportation for Ashley and Tyson! Back at the inn, the tented courtyard made for a beautiful reception space, with dancing inside the ballroom in the inn. A false fire alarm resulted in a visit from the Brandon Fire Department (and a unique photo opportunity!), after which everyone was on the dance floor. Congratulations, Ashley and Tyson!

Venue + Catering: The Lilac Inn

Floral: Patty Angione

Makeup: Jasmine Fuller

Hair: Briggs Carriage Co.

Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-001 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-002 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-003 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-004 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-005 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-006 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-007 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-008 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-009 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-010 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-011 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-012 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-013 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-014 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-015 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-016 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-017 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-018 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-019 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-020 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-021 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-022 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-023 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-024 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-025 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-026 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-027 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-028 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-029 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-030 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-031 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-032 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-033 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-034 Lilac Inn Wedding_Ashley-Tyson-035