Album Cover Options

To customize your album cover, start by choosing your cover design from the choices below. The white represents the base leather, the black represents an accent leather (for example, a different leather as an accent stripe or as the spine of the album). The gray represents a photo cutout.


Next, choose your cover material(s). A selection of leathers are available.

Start by choosing your base material (represented by the white portion in the designs above).


If you want an accent material (represented by the black portion in the design photos above), choose the material you’d like as the accent from below.


The next option is imprinting. If you would like your names and/or wedding date imprinted on the cover, choose the color and location of imprinting.

Colors: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Copper, or Clear (a “blind” stamp into the cover)

Location: Lower right corner, center, or vertical. If you want both your names and wedding date, choose the lower right corner or center to ensure there is room for two lines of imprinting. The vertical works well if you just want your names imprinted.

Last, if you chose a cover design that includes a photo cutout, choose which photo you would like in the cover. The photo will have to be cropped to fit the dimensions of the cover cutout.


Here are a few examples:

Design: S14
Base Material: Carrigan
Spine: Lust
Imprinting: Vertical in Gold
Design: S105
Base Material: 50 Shades
Accent Stripe: Smoldering