Hannah Photography is owned by me. Laura Esmond. Mom of two kids, wife to one glowing example of a husband, food lady to one dog. After working from my studio for 13 years I now work from home, photographing clients near and far with the world as my backdrop (and loving every second of it!)

I believe in love. I believe it follows us and catches up and runs with a steadfastness along our path. I believe even when our sign reads “No Solicitors,” it still knocks. I believe it fuels our desire to help and heal. I believe we feel love like children: sometimes errant with selfishness yet most often simply, like Pooh loves Christopher. Love threads us all together. It is why I do this work and the reason it will never feel like work.

I keep business simple. Whether I am photographing your family, your wedding, your dog or whatever other loves you might present to my camera, the focus will be the same: play, be joyous, have lighthearted fun.