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L A U R A   E S M O N D 





Laura opened Hannah Photography in 2001 specializing in wedding photography. After many years of growing a successful business she made a difficult decision to cut back on work to a small group of clients and spend more time focusing on what she loved even more: growing a family. The past few years, while spending much of her time with three boisterous children, she has slowly carved out a small niche of devoted clients: just enough to keep her skills warm and love for photography alive.  Mila, the child that has rounded out the Esmond family, just turned one. And with that birthday came an intense burning to finally step back into work.

“The past few years have allowed me the opportunity to step back from work and gain understanding of how to run my business better. I think every business owner in the world would kill to have time like that. Restorative, reflective time is something you just don’t get as a small business owner. I feel I’m coming back to the photography world with something more poignant to offer. I’ve become a mom three times over. I’m no longer trying to understand what a mom needs from me. I get it. I want the exact same thing: something to treasure when these little bodies grow up and move on.”

So when Mila turned one, Laura decided it was time for her business to have a birthday too.

“The great thing about a creative field is that we encourage one another to grow, advance, change, try new things and find new inspiration. I was a different photographer three years ago under Hannah Photography, with a different perspective on what I should offer clients. It was a good perspective. Just different. I’m really excited about the work I’m offering clients today and what I’m poised to offer new ones.”

Laura still specializes as a children’s portrait photographer in the Denver, Colorado and surrounding area. To see her current work and get in touch, click here.